Blue Agnes

It was a long time ago when one evening the watchman of the Sinwell Tower found a young girl in a tattered blue dress at the front door of his room. Three ravens fluttered around her, pecking at grain that appeared to trickle out of her dress. The watchman took the child away from the ravens and, although he tried, he could not find the child's parents. So he took her in and cared for her as if she were his own daughter.

Her name was Agnes. She loved to sit in the room high in the tower and watch the goings-on down in the alleys of Nuremberg while weaving on the loom that the watchman had given her. Oddly enough, the yarn she used was always blue, and all her clothes were blue as well. So the people of the city named her "Blue Agnes."

One day a great fire broke out in Nuremberg. To warn everyone, alarm bells rang out from all the towers – all except from the Sinwell Tower. There everything was silent. After the fire had been put out, soldiers of the city went up to the watchman’s room and found him dead. The smoke had overwhelmed him in his sleep. But Blue Agnes had disappeared.
Since then no one has seen her. But, at night, her blue silhouette glides among the many towers of Nuremberg, guiding the tower watchmen on their rounds. And should ever a fire break out in Nuremberg, she is sure to ring the bells in all the towers so the watchmen do not perish in their sleep.

For many, the silhouette of "Blue Agnes" (Blaue Agnes), making her way through the alleys, is invisible. But perhaps you can see her in room no. 12.