The Beautiful Fountain

After the Black Death had run its course in Nuremberg the streets were silent. So the grateful survivors decided to build a fountain and place it in the middle of the city. Called the Beautiful Fountain, it may still be seen today. So, too, can the mysterious seamless ring which, year after year, is turned by thousands of people who make a wish while doing so.

This ring was made by an apprentice metalworker who had fallen in love with his master’s daughter. In fact, it was the master who had received the contract from the city to build the lattice railing for the fountain. One day he caught the young lovers together and, in a rage, threatened to have the apprentice thrown out of the city. The boy fled in tears but, to prove his love, stayed awake working the entire night.

When the master saw the result of the boy's work the next morning, he was amazed and regretted his angry threat. But, unfortunately, the apprentice had disappeared.

The Beautiful Fountain (14th century) can be found at the main market square. Everyone who turns it will have a wish fulfilled. You can turn it in room no. 31.