The Goose Mansīs Fountain

Once upon a time there was a farmer in "Knoblauchsland". One summer's day he was trudging to town with two geese under his arms to sell them for the price of a beer. Sweating, he walked through the fields heading for the gates of Nuremberg. The sun beat down from the sky and the farmer became weak from thirst.

He stumbled onward with his sight fixed on the towers of Nuremberg Castle in the distance. Desperate, he searched for a stream. He collapsed and fell to the ground. Suddenly it seemed as if he could hear voices from afar, saying, "Drink, drink!" The farmer came to and rose to his feet. In fact, it was the geese who were talking. From their beaks came a clear stream of cool water. He drank the refreshing water and quickly recovered.

The geese had saved his life. He decided immediately to take care of them and to bring them back to his farm. When, after a long time, the farmer visited the Nuremberg fruit market again, he noticed an image of himself in the middle of the square. There he stood as an iron statue with two geese under his arms, from whose beaks water was pouring.

When the farmer asked a market woman which artist had done the work, she replied, "Labenwolf." Confused, the farmer returned home to Knoblauchsland and to his geese. He had forgotten that three ravens were circling above him that day and had seen this amazing event.

And everything the artist Labenwolf had been told had come from those three ravens.

The Goose Man´s Fountain (Gänsemännchenbrunnen) from 1540 stands in the Town Hall Square near the Main Market Square and has a copy in Weimar. One of the geese is still talking in room no. 22.