Till Eulenspiegel

in the Heilig-Geist-Spital (Holy Ghost’s Hospital)

One day, a tall man clothed in black with a long wig and a raven on his shoulder entered the Holy Ghost Infirmary. He made an offer to the village quack to cure all sorts of diseases for two hundred florins. The village quack was lazy and agreed. Secretly, the man whispered to all the sick people that he would start the wonderful curing of the sick tomorrow.

For this purpose, he would require dried human flesh. After sunrise, he would have to crush to powder the person limping last through the door. The sick spent a sleepless night, and when dawn broke, all lepers, the lame, and people with only one leg stumbled with loud rumblings to the door, and sheets flying through the air. All the sick had disappeared in no time.
Pleased with himself, the village quack handed the small bag with money in it over to the tall man. The latter said a cordial goodbye and hurried away with his raven. Two other ravens joined him, whose squawks, for a moment, seemed to him like scornful laughter. Nevertheless, he poured himself a tankard of wine.

When he looked out of the window, he saw the sick people again whimpering in front of the gate. However, on it the black coat and the wig were hanging. The village quack saw a symbol written with black coal: It was an owl beside a mirror. Now, the village quack knew that no less a man than Till Eulenspiegel, the cunning rascal, had played a trick on him.

Till Eulenspiegel was also in Nuremberg. At least that is what the three ravens tell you in Room 51.